What is the dirt summit?

The Kansas City Women's Dirt Summit began in 2013 as an event to bring women mountain bikers in the Kansas City area together. First year organizer Ann Pai saw a need for Kansas City women mountain bikers to have a chance to connect with each other. Many were unaware of the number of women mountain bikers in Kansas City. With the support of the EarthRiders Mountain Bike Club, the Dirt Summit drew 76 participants in its first year! Women from all over the KC Metro and beyond joined together to build new friendships while bonding over their love of mountain biking. ​

The Dirt Summit continues to support the passion for mountain biking among women in Kansas City. On any given weekend, you will undoubtedly see groups of women out shredding the local trails, with many of them saying, "We met at the Dirt Summit." 


As the event continues to grow, women within the community step up as volunteers to organize the event each year. With our hearts in our friendships and our roots in mountain biking, we are the Kansas City Women's Dirt Summit!


"The Dirt Summit has brought me so many great friendships that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a unique community of women." -Dirt Summit participant, Renee Thierry

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